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QVI® SprintMVP 400-600

Sprint MVP systems are fully automatic with Measure-X software designed for fast, accurate and repeatable automatic measurements.

  • • Motorized zoom lens with 6.5:1 ratio. Standard configuration includes a 1.0x adapter tube and no attachment lenses
  • • High resolution color camera
  • • Green LED illumination for backlight, white LED for coaxial surface light, and programmable 6 ring Vectorlight
  • • Working distance of 58 mm with standard configuration
  • • Precision mechanical bearing XYZ transport with granite base and Z post.
  • • 0.5 µm resolution XYZ scales.
  • • Benchtop models use Micro-stepper motor drives for XY axis and DC Servo motor for Z. Floor models use DC Servo motor drives for XY and Z. All models have 3-axis joystick control
  • • Dedicated computer with customized configuration to satisfy requirements for efficient operation of the video system. Includes Windows operating system.
  • • QVI Measure-X metrology software for complete automation of inspection routines. Package includes point and click simplicity, icon toolbox, editing capabilities and graphic model display
  • • Includes documentation, on-line help functions and standard warranty.