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SmartScope® Vantage 300


Precision dimensional metrology with extreme accuracy. A range of sensor technologies to address every dimensional attribute. A patented “elevating bridge” design with 300x300x250 mm measuring volume – yet small enough to fit on a benchtop. Smartscope Vantage 300 provides the measurement versatility needed for the most critical and demanding parts.

SmartScope® Vantage 300 features patented Telestar 10:1 metrology zoom optics that are fully telecentric, continuously variable, and are Accucentric, auto-calibrating at every magnification change to ensure accuracy over the lifetime of the system. Vantage 300 has a level of optical imaging performance previously thought possible only in fixed lens systems, with the functionality of a continuously variable zoom lens

In addition to its excellent video measuring performance, Vantage 300 is fully multisensor capable, available with the touch probe, Telestar interferometric TTL laser, micro-probes, rotary indexers, and even the SP25 continuous contact scanning probe, as well as the helpful laser pointer. Powerful MeasureMind 3D Multisensor metrology software makes it easy to program the most detailed multisensor measurement sequence which then run automatically. View and interact with measured results to make intelligent product and process decisions.

SmartScope® Vantage 300 joins the family of dependable OGP measurement system used by manufacturer around the world to maintain and improve the quality of parts that go into products we all use every day.

Measuring range : 300 x 300 x 250 mm (XYZ)