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SmartScope® Vantage 650


Extreme accurate dimensional measurements with a large volume with a choice of sensors – that is SmartScope® Vantage 650 from OGP. Smartscope Vantage is designed as a precision multisensor measurement system. Use video and any combination of laser, tactile probes, or micro-probes, single point or scanned, for measurement of extremely complex parts. Mount a part to an optional single or compound rotary for measurements up to five axes. MeasureMind 3D Multisensor metrology software provides automatic operation of the measurement process, seamlessly integrating all measurement data from every sensor to a common reference.

SmartScope® Vantage 650 uses advanced technologies : Innovative OGP fully telecentric Telestar optics, specially designed for metrology; high speed linear-motor-driven stage; LED ring light for true image illumination; precision linear scales and a proven bridge platform design on a three-point stand, for the stability to achieve a volumetric accuracy of 1.8 + 6L/1000um.

Vantage 650 is available with the best latest sensor technologies. Feather Probe measures fragile surfaces with less than one milligram of force. The SP25M scanning probe, which can also be mounted on a PH-10 motorized probe head, offers continuous contact scanning in any plane. Rainbow Probe scanning white light sensor characterizes Z-axis topography to nanometer level. Unique interferometric Telestar TTL (through the lens) and DRS laser provide non-contact surface focus and contour scanning. The sensors, coupled with OGP video expertise, make SmartScope® Vantage 650 capable of satisfying the most demanding measurement application with high accuracy performance.

Measuring range : 610 x 660 x 300 (XYZ)
Optional : Extended Z to 400 mm