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SmartScope® ZIP 250/250E


SmartScope ZIP® 250 is the preferred video measurement system of manufacturers around the world. Video measurement capabilities are enhanced by a high resolution color video camera, and full spectrum LED illumination provides enhanced imaging, improving video signal processing.

As a multisensor machine, SmartScope ZIP 250 is available with contact and non-contact probes, including the unique switchable TTL (through-the-lens) laser.

The innovative ergonomic controller combines joystick stage control and other important operational controls so they are right at hand.

SmartScope ZIP® 250 is reliably constructed with a cast metal base, steel column, hardened worktable and heavy duty mechanical slides.

SmartScope ZIP® 250 features OGP® MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software, designed to take full advantage of a 3D measurement environment. It combines a user-friendly interface with high-powered algorithms, yielding dependable and reliable performance.

SmartScope ZIP® 250 is highly capable. Its video performance and optional noncontact point sensors and touch probes allow ZIP 250 to verify the most complex dimensions.

Measuring range :
ZIP 250 : 250 x 150 x 200 mm (XYZ)
ZIP 250E : 300 x 150 x 200 mm (XYZ)