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SmartScope® ZIP 300


SmartScope ZIP® 300 from OGP® is a proven performer, and continues to be the preferred video measurement system of manufacturers. Its video imaging is enhanced by all-LED illumination. As a multisensor machine, SmartScope ZIP 300 is available with contact and non-contact probes, including the unique switchable TTL (through-the-lens) laser.

The innovative ergonomic handheld controller combines joystick stage control and other important operational controls.

DC servo motor drives deliver high speed performance, and the granite support structure ensures measurement stability and isolation.

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software is designed to take full advantage of a 3D measurement environment and combines a user-friendly interface with full geometric functionality.

Video measurement is effortless with fast field-of-view image processing and advanced edge detection algorithms designed for repeatability in real-world applications.

SmartScope ZIP® 300 supplies the benefits of multisensor metrology with an assortment of available touch probes, lasers, and micro-probes to fully characterize parts automatically in a single setup.

Measuring range : 300 x 300 x 200 mm (XYZ)
Optional : Extended Z axis to 300 mm