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SmartScope® ZIP 800

OGP® SmartScope ZIP® measurement systems are a popular choice in manufacturing facilities worldwide. These systems have a reputation for extreme reliability and proven metrological performance. SmartScope® ZIP 800 provides XYZ stage travel of 760 x 760 x 200 mm. Traditionally strong in video measurement, ZIP 800 is also multisensor capable, and is available with contact and non-contact probes that deploy and retract under program control for fully automatic operation, including the unique switchable TTL laser, Auto-calibrating Optics, Rigid Mechanical Design, Precision Positioning, Metrology Software and Extended Software Utility.

  • • The patented AccuCentric® Zoom 75 motorized zoom lens automatically calibrates itself with each magnification change, and provides high quality images of virtually any part.
  • • The granite-based mechanical design of SmartScope ZIP 800 combines the metrology benefits of rigid, orthogonal stage mounting with easy access for part fixturing.
  • • DC servo motor drives provide accurate XYZ positioning control and high speed operation. The heavy duty metal and granite construction provides maximum metrological stability for accurate, repeatable measurements.
  • • Fast field-of-view (FOV) processing, powerful autofocus algorithms, and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software with full 3D geometric functionality and multisensor support make measurement simple.
  • • Optional software, including applications for contour fitting, GD&T analysis, and SPC, extends utility and enhances productivity further.
  • • Measuring range : 760 x 760 x 200 mm (XYZ)