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SmartScope® ZIP Advance 450


SmartScope ZIP® Advance 450 from OGP® is a high resolution, high accuracy video measuring system designed for critical applications and measurement of large parts.

SmartScope ZIP® Advance 450 provides twice the FOV range of a standard SmartScope ZIP system. The LinearCentric™ high-speed zoom lens system can change between any two zoom positions in one second, and is proven reliable in 24/7 production use.

The 6-ring, 8-sector Vu-Light™ low incidence LED oblique ring light is ideally matched to the optical system to provide outstanding directional surface illumination. The internal LED surface illuminator is unparalleled for brightness and contrast, producing the sharpest image fidelity available.

The LinearCentric 12:1 auto-calibrating motorized zoom lens provides high quality images of virtually any part, in a variety of part sizes.

DC servo motor drives provide accurate positioning control and high speed operation while the heavy duty metal and granite construction provides stability for accurate, repeatable metrology.

Fast field-of-view (FOV) processing, autofocus, and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software with full 3D geometric functionality and multisensor support make measurement simple

SmartScope ZIP® Advance 450 is available with the unique switchable TTL laser, as well as a number of optional contact and non-contact probes. All may be used under program control for fully automatic operation.

Accuracy is enhanced with standard factory 21-DOF volumetric compensation.

Measuring range : 450 x 450 x 200 mm (XYZ)
Optional Extended Y to 610 mm