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Space saving, rugged,and reliable hardware with the Medical UDI-Mark™ laser marking system. FDA UDI compliant AIDC, GTIN, GLN and HIBC mark.

Create GS1 and HIBCC UDI Compliant Bar Codes
Specialized LMS™ 3.0 Software UDI-Mark Module
Laser Source Available: Ultra-Violet, Green, CO2, Fiber
Let our laser experts determine the best laser source for your needs

UDI Medical Laser Marking and Engraving Machines

Control Laser is a leader in FDA, GS1 and HIBCC® UDI medical laser marking compliant systems. Our Medical UDI-Mark™ systems can effectively mark a variety of components and materials while complying to new industry standards. Medical device manufactures have relied on our compliant systems to provide the traceability requirements of medical marking because we understand these complex rules.

Our expert knowledge of the spectrum allows us to create specialized systems for specific industries. With a selection of UV, Green, CO2, and Fiber lasers, our applications experts will a selection of UV, Green, CO2, and Fiber lasers, our experience with medical marking allows us to understand this application and assist our customers in providing proven UDI laser marking systems. Over 50-years of service and we are still the leading laser company for medical laser marking.

Medical UDI-Mark™

FDA UDi Compliant Laser Machines

since the Food and Drug Association adopted a new rule for thr identificatio of medical products, and made the marking of alldevices with unique device identifier (UDI) madatory, the majorityof medical device products adn parts sold in and imported into the United States require marking.

It starts with choosing the right materila and ends with marking the product properly. When It comes to materials, the preconditions for marking metal (high-alloy stainless steel, titanium, sliver, cobalt-chrome), plastic (polyamides and silicones) and ceramic components, used in a medical context include the need for resistance to high alkaline cleanning methods, acides, water, corrrosion,etc. We understand this need for permanent, non-abrasive, corrosion resistant markings. With our level of knowledge and expertise in laser technology, there isn`t an application CLC cannot do.

Our Medical UDI-Mark™ systems utilize our lastest UDI-Mark Module powered by our Laser Marking Studio™ 3.0

Newly developed specialized UDI-Mark Module for marking FDA UDI compliant AIDC, GTIN, GLN, and HIBC marks. Our software equipt with shape and text tools, easy alignment, and pre-lase simulation tools.

  • Medical Devices have to be marked...
  • - Operating room/invasive surgical tools
    - General surgical devices, instruments, and tools
    - Cannulas, catheters, tubes wires, etc
    - Implants/ implantable devices

  • ...With Contents, Information And Codes Like..
  • - Alphanumerics, simple serial numbers, date and lot codes
    - Complex 1D and 2D Datamatrix and bar codes
    - company or trademark logos
    - international fonts

  • Medical Products Have To Be Marked With Information That is...
  • - Permanent and traceable
    - Legible and readable
    - High in contrast
    - Counterfelt-proof
    - Sterillization-resistant
    - Hygienic and smooth

  • Medical Products Have To Be Marked For...
  • - Product Identification
    - Traceability
    - Regulatory And Industry Compliance
    - Product Liability
    - Product Safety
    - Quality Assurance