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IC Silicone Gel Compound Removal


A growing number of IC design are utilizing a gel type encapsulation compounds.Whether it is for diaphragm on the die of a pressure detection device. Less stress on the newer thinner dies, or extreme temperature variation and vibrations faced by automotive industry control semiconductor devices, this silicone gels seems impervious to chemical, plasma or even standard laser decapsulation. Most power and MEM devices are silicone encapsulated.

A Case Note

The SIFEL® gel from SHIN-ETSU is a remarkable material used in many semiconductors. Common devices using SIFEL® gel are MEMS devices and pressure sensors where low-stress encapsulation of sensitive electronic devices, but maximum protection against heat and chemicals, is important. SIFEL®’s advantages present unique challenges to failure analysis labs that need to remove the gel in order to determine why a device failed. With it’s near-impervious chemical resistance, acids and many other chemicals have no effect on the gel. CLC has developed a laser application that uses SIFEL® gel properties to the advantage removing. Using our proprietary ICO laser, and a carefully engineered removal recipe, the majority of the gel can be removed without too much problem.

CLC FALiT Gel Decapsulation Safely Removes Gel Compound ALL THE WAT TO THE DIE in second’s.